SIC UK’s HIV Education Program Gets Praised By Specialists

Posted by on Saturday, January 19, 2013 at 5:37 pm

As part of the ongoing efforts to raise the profile of SIC in the UK, the National Committee has been presenting the ‘HIVE model’ at conferences around the country. There wasn’t long to wait for recognition, with our first conference yielding results in June: Exeter Medical Education conference awarded SIC UK first place for both our oral presentation and our poster presentation.

Building on that success, a poster about the HIVE model won another prize in November, this time at the National Medical Education Conference in Wessex.

These conferences were fantastic opportunities to showcase SIC UK’s work around the country and have provided numerous networking opportunities. Additionally it reinforces the credibility of the HIVE program and demonstrates the consistently high standards of work we are sustainably delivering for free throughout the UK via our HIVE branches.

We will continue to spread the word about SIC UK and most recently our work has been accepted for an oral presentation in Bristol at the end of January.

A big thank-you to all of the HIVE university committees who are carrying out this work on a day-to-day basis. If you would like more information on getting the HIVE program to your university email:

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