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Posted by on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at 4:42 pm

Over the last term we have had some really successful 6th form teachings at a range of local 6th forms. The 6th form curriculum has been updated to include more about global health and looking  into understanding why someone in a developing country may find it harder to access healthcare then elsewhere. We have also looked further into stigma and how it can affect all aspects of someone’s life. We have visited lots of 6th forms such as King Edwards School and have enjoyed some great debates and discussions there.

We have had lots of new teachers come along who have really enjoyed teaching and been a great success! They have really enjoyed the different style of 6th form teaching were we focus on creating debate and encourage the students to develop their own opinions about the issues we raise. We are looking forward to organising some more teachings this term and hopefully getting the 6th formers more involved in HIVE!

Susie George

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