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We believe that education is essential in slowing the spread of HIV/AIDS in northern Tanzania. Each year, student volunteers bring new energy and talents to our work.

Our programs focus on teaching community members and school children how to protect themselves from HIV and how to care for those who are already infected by AIDS. Our volunteer satisfaction ratings have consistently been very high, and we are committed to further improving our programs.


SIC relies on the support of donors like you to continue to meet the growing need for education, testing, and



support for people living with HIV/AIDS. Be a part of SIC’s commitment to provide comprehensive HIV/AIDS services in our partner communities.

To donate, please mail a check made out to SIC to: 17822 Bishop Circle, Villa Park, CA 92861


Participate in a SIC event in your area or host your own event for SIC! CONTACT US with your idea and we will dowhatever we can to help facilitate its success. We have alumni in almost every major city, so make sure you take advantage of our growing SIC network!


Tuko Pamoja Bags

Our Tuko Pamoja Bags are made by artists who are living with HIV in the rural Tanzanian communities supported by SIC’s HIV/AIDS services.

By purchasing a Tuko Pamoja Bag you are giving these talented artists an opportunity use their skills to provide better nutrition and education for their families.

Additionally, your purchase will allow these artists to create a shared fund together with their HIV positive support groups. This fund will be used to pursue other income generating projects such as building a chicken coop or starting a community garden.

Tuko pamoja kuushinda UKIMWI! – We are united in the fight against AIDS!

Click Here to purchase your Tuko Pamoja Bag today!

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