Leadership Development

SIC offers structured service-learning programs for international and Tanzanian volunteers. During our eight and twelve week programs, volunteers add capacity to our work, primarily by serving as teachers in our awareness campaigns. Volunteers learn about HIV, the organization, and global health more broadly through campus-based classes and an intensive in-country orientation to begin their field experience. Over 400 student volunteers have passed through our programs since 2003. Many have gone on to graduate or professional training in related fields, to found other organizations, or to other leadership positions in global health and development. Our alumni now include two Rhodes scholars and a Truman scholar.

We hope that your work with SIC will be just part of an ongoing involvement with global health and development. In order to help volunteers gain leadership experience in this field we have created a structured program to allow committed students to continue working with SIC. Toward the end of their experience in Tanzania, we invite our volunteers to apply for a position within SIC. Most commonly, this means serving as a coordinator for one of the next year’s groups or becoming a development coordinator on your campus to head up the campus fundraising team.  SIC will also try to facilitate volunteers’ continued growth and development in the fields of global health and development by facilitating other future involvement in SIC or with other related organizations.  Visit our Resource Center for current postings.

Higher level positions are available to former coordinators; for example, several of our Field Officers as well as our US Development Manager and Executive Director are all former volunteers. SIC is a growing organization and we will continue to rely on the talents of our volunteers in the years ahead.