Awareness Campaigns


Awareness Campaigns form the frontline of our work in our partner communities International volunteers and Tanzanian teaching partners are the workforce behind these high energy education campaigns.

The goals of the campaigns are to:

* Call attention to HIV/AIDS
* Provide accurate information about HIV/AIDS
* Encourage individual and community change through discussions and activities
* Advertise our Mobile Testing Unit

teachingThese goals are achieved through education in schools and with community groups in our partner communities. We teach primary school students beginning in Standard IV (typically around age 11), all secondary school students as well as adults and out-of-school youth. We train peer educators in each school to provide a framework for ongoing education. We also provide access to HIV testing in the villages through our mobile VCT service, and staff later train Community Health Workers to support people living with HIV/AIDS. An SIC Field Officer is assigned to each area where we work, and they are responsible for ongoing follow-up in these villages.

Awareness campaigns take place on the level of wards – collections of 3-6 villages which typically have a total population of 10,000 – 15,000. SIC has conducted over 25 Awareness Campaigns since 2003.



Many talented Tanzanian young professionals with a passion for community development are forced to abandon rural work for more lucrative fields.  Yet strong interest exists.  SIC routinely receives ten times as many applications as there are spots for Tanzanian college students interested in community development.  These young people need hands-on, community-based experience in order to expand their skills and pursue careers as future leaders in development.

Tupambane is our volunteer program for motivated Tanzanian youth. The program was created in 2004 to complement our programs for Americans. Tupambane (too-pam-baan-ee) is a Swahili word meaning ‘to join together against the common foe.’ Our very successful 2009 Tupambane Program was supported by the Margaret T. Morris Foundation.

If you would like to make a contribution to support the Tupambane Program, click here.

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